Fully automated nucleic acid extraction and detection integration platform
The whole process of pathogenic nucleic acid extraction and purification, amplification and detection, and reporting of results is integrated to achieve the effect of "sample in, result out".
Ruminates diseases
Swine diseases
Companion Animals diseases
Homogeneous Chemiluminescence Technology Platform
The fourth-generation chemiluminescence technology, combined with high-sensitivity antibodies, achieves highly specific recognition of the target.
No cleaning process, faster speed and simpler equipment
Rare active molecules transmit signals with lower background interference;
Near-infrared input excitation, time-resolved fluorescence output, strong anti-interference ability.
Animal innovative high-efficiency vaccine technology platform
Anieasy has developed a new type of mRNA animal vaccine and has applied for a number of mRNA technology related patents.
The production process is simple and does not require cell culture or animal-derived substrates.
The development cycle is short, it can quickly match popular strains with high safety.
Strong cellular immunity and higher antibody levels.
Protein Expression Technology Platform
E. coli protein expression system
Cell protein expression system
Yeast protein expression system
Automated molecular detection platform
Anieasy animal disease PCR analysis system
Bovine mastitis analysis system
Bovine respiratory disease analysis system
Bovine diarrhea analysis system
Bovine abortion disease analysis system

Immunological testing platform

Microfluidic chip platform